Smithsonian Metro Station

Metro Station
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21 month ago
The escalators let out right on the mall, while the elevators let out 2 blocks south
Danny P
22 month ago
It’s a convenient stop for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.
Heather M
101 month ago
Just go ahead and put plenty of money on your SmarTrip card. Took many people don't know how to use the machines and it takes awhile to get to it.
Marc Kevin H
108 month ago
The station entrance by the Castle is closed in the evenings, so you'll need to walk a couple of blocks to the other entrance.
The Transit Navigator
109 month ago
During normal operations, the doors open on the RIGHT at this station.
Going Out Guide from PostLocal
123 month ago
#CherryBlossoms: PSST, want to go on a Blossom Secrets Stroll during the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival? $15 buys a tour and the secrets behind Washington's Japanese cherry trees. Saturdays from 2 to 4
Evan G
123 month ago
Welcome to Washington, tourists! Enjoy your time here, and please, stand to the right, walk on the left, and if the escalator is broken (like it was today), just walk. :)
Sean M
128 month ago
Wear deodorant, I visited the area and had the unpleasant experience of sitting next to someone that chose to bathe in their own sweat before boarding the train.
David K
130 month ago
If you are visiting from out of town, please respect local custom and stand to the right on the escalators.
Danny M
134 month ago
If you choose to stand on an escalator, it is courteous to stand on the right so others may walk on the left.