Walmart Supercenter

Big Box Store
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Jon M
60 month ago
It has the most of items that I need. The staff are very helpful, and the cashier line's do move pretty good
Joseph G
69 month ago
Convenient. Rarely leave with everything on my list. Forever restocking.
Tay L
91 month ago
No one knows anything in these stores. This company needs to really train and inform employees. All they know how to do is use a cash register.
Iason C
93 month ago
I have been to many other Walmarts, this one is the best one yet!
Brad F
103 month ago
This Walmart is terrible, service wise. I could've fixed the European economy by the time my lunch meat was ready at the deli. Wegmans FTW
Bill H
105 month ago
Always be nice to the deli people, after all they are handling your food! :0)
Esther F
111 month ago
Out of all of the Walmarts I've been to in the area (and I live in NE Philly), this one is by far one of the best. I wish the rest of them would get renovated.
Melissa M
115 month ago
Helped me find a receipt tonight, from over 1 month ago, so I could get my refund vs. store credit! Awesome
courtney R
122 month ago
I live in E.P. And drive to this willow grove wal mart because its quiet and the lines are much shorter.
Jennifer B
128 month ago
There's a Subway here with a very friendly waitstaff. They even practice proper cheese coverage. ;)