Chameleon Club

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Omar A
78 month ago
Not big on clubbing nowadays (getting older!) but this place is definitely rubbish in every way possible, in line with the rest of the hotel, all the staff are rude and arrogant as well.
Talal M
87 month ago
I live right across it but went there just once. The floor rocks with the bass of the music and I was afraid if it will fall :D
Sonia G
91 month ago
One of the nicest club in Dubai
Eli J
92 month ago
Awesome staff. Very helpful for surprises during special occassions. Thank you, Chameleon! 👏
Ted P
96 month ago
Nice club / atmosphere - prices a bit high!
валера к
100 month ago
Каждый день проходят тематические вечеринки.В понедельник русская вечеринка,во вторник женская вечеринка и др. Молодцы, стараются...
валера к
100 month ago
...алкоголь как в полноценном пятизвездочном отеле,за немалые деньги льется рекой! Публика тусит довольно таки ярко,под бдительным и корректным оком охраны.Пиджейки славянской конечно наружности жгут!
Eben B
109 month ago
If you're not keen on staring at the LED chameleon the whole night there's another (much nicer) bar to the left of the dance floor. Decent music, good selection of drinks. Crowd can be hit & miss.
Amgad F
111 month ago
Nice music nice place decent people, get ur ass here and enjoy it ;)
Hamid N
114 month ago
I was there the place is perfect Really if wanna have best weekend night just there right now best hotspot in Dubai