Capitol Hill Books

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Rachel K
31 month ago
Worth a stop just to see the insanely tall piles of books and labels. A bit overwhelming, honestly.
Hannah L
55 month ago
Amazing books and tips from the owner. Fun for a day off.
Erin F
60 month ago
Minimal organization, maximum snarkiness. I can't wait to come back to explore all the owners random comments peppered on the shelves. A chronic book reader's dream used bookstore.
Es T
61 month ago
Excellent titles and witty labels. Worth stopping in just to look. Truly an original bookshop
Adam H
74 month ago
This is a place you have to see to believe. Books piled anywhere and everywhere. I especially love the quirky and clever labels (e.g. a pile on the floor labeled, "George Washington rests here").
Stephanie H
77 month ago
Wonderful bookstore with plenty of charm. Smells like old books and glue with things in every nook and cranny. Has its own organization but might take a couple visits to appreciate it.
Angie H
78 month ago
This place is a fire hazard. Books stacked to the ceiling, even in the bathrooms. But, there's a good selection, and sometimes, tequila from plastic bottles.
Kenneth H
79 month ago
Smells good. Don't bring backpacks else you have to leave them at the front desk. Explore every room and floor.
90 month ago
Wall to wall to wall with books. The owner buys his merchandise from auctions... that sell dead people's stuff. Spooky. But neat.
Sean M
91 month ago
Floor to ceiling books. Quirky labels. Vintage everything else. This is a quintessential bookstore.