Bo-kaap Kombuis

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Esteban M
14 month ago
baie lekker food
Jenifer G
23 month ago
Great view of the mountains. Food was very good - buffet lunch. Particularly enjoyed the bobotie, lentils and tomato & onion salad.
Renato F
45 month ago
It a gem encraved in Bo Kaap. Wonderful food and service. Very nice view to the mountains and the neighborhood! Try the starters samples!
Cupcake L
56 month ago
Diners sit in a spacious, colourful cafe with huge windows looking out across Table Mountain. In keeping with Cape Malay customs, the cuisine is halal and no alcohol is served.
meshal a
60 month ago
المكان جداً متواضع...خيارات الأكل محدودة تقريباً..والنادلة كانت سيئة جداً في التعامل...لم تكن تجربة جيدة
60 month ago
الإطلالة على جبل الطاولة جميلة ، ولكن المكان لما تدخله تحس كانك داخل مطعم بخاري 👎🏻 مافيه اهتمام بالديكور والثلاجة مزعجة تطلع صوت و الاكل خياراته محدودة و مليان كاري و كركم بدون أي لذة ، الخدمة سيئة
Dee H
67 month ago
Req'd platter with shrimp curry, fish curry, bobotie, frikkadel and a bean curry with roti. Roti was delicious as well as the bean curry. The rest was mediocre at best. The shrimp were frozen and mush
Natasha N
74 month ago
Culinária sul-africana é preparada pelo casal e proprietário. Imperdível: Denning Vleis: cubos de cordeiro cozidos com pasta de tamarindo, e outras especiarias locais, servidos com purê.
Alexandros B
103 month ago
Great Malay food with an ... Altitude!
  • 7 August St, Cape Town, South Africa, GPS: -33.91755,18.4129