Antisamos Beach (Αντίσαμος)

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Kerentseva K
7 month ago
You can find here everything you need for a relaxing day: crystal clear water, sunbeds, decent restaurant, nice ambiance.
Paweł S
21 month ago
After visiting few beaches on Kefalonia, this one is top 4 for me. First Petani Beach equal with Antisamos, Great Xî,Mykrys Gialos, last Myrtos.
43 month ago
Nice beach but the big pebbles make it a bit difficult to get into the water. Sea bottom is somewhat visible with blue-green waters. There is a beach bar with umbrellas nearby. Also water sports.
jane doe
43 month ago
Love the sea! Acron is a new beach bar on Antisamos - €7 for 2 sunbeds + umbrella. Music is really good, food is delicious but a bit pricey.
Stamatis A
43 month ago
Μέχρι και πέρυσι οι ξαπλώστρες ήταν δωρεάν, φέτος έχει μια ταμπέλα που λέει δωρεάν ξαπλώστρες κλπ και εμφανίζεται ξαφνικά μια πιτσιρικά και σου ζητάει 7 ευρώ και χωρίς απόδειξη! Μακρύς γιαλός μακράν
Emre Ü
66 month ago
Kefalonyadaki en beğendiğim plajlardan birisi.balıklarla yanyana muhteşem bir temizlikte bir denizde yüzmenin hazzı anlatılamaz.Arka taraftaki restoranda çok lezzetliydi
George Y
66 month ago
Maybe the best beach in the island! Great colours inside the sea and quite clean usually
Nassos C
68 month ago
One of the best beaches of the island! Crystal clear water surrounded by a green "carpet". You can either try the bar or get your own stuff!
68 month ago
Η μόνη παραλία που δεν πληρώσαμε σετ ξαπλώστρες - ομπρέλα κ ο καφές τους πολύ καλός! Η παραλία λίγο μικρή για τον κόσμο που μαζεύει αλλά τα νερά θα σας ανταμείψουν με το παραπάνω!
Kateryna S
79 month ago
Amazing place! Beautiful water, amazing colors, green trees and a lot of different fish ✌️😎
  • Παραλία Αντίσαμος, Sami, Kefalonia, Greece, GPS: 38.260403,20.673853