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Bob E
25 month ago
Ray is on leave until the middle of May 2019. Miss him!
Bob E
29 month ago
Tommy no longer works here, so ignore the tips about him.
Bob E
57 month ago
Hair Cuttery has just added free wifi for customers! Just click on HairCuttery Guest as the name of the server when signing in.
Pablo R
72 month ago
fast service, but my stylist, Jerrie, wasn't particularly patient
Daniel A
78 month ago
Mireya is the best. I've been coming to her for about 3 years now.
Al L
82 month ago
Nickie rocks!
John Anthony M
86 month ago
Agree. See/ask for Kirby.
Aubri O
86 month ago
They mean it when they say they want you happy. I needed to strip and re-dye my hair, and the first try came out kind of whacky. But they set up an appointment for the next day and now it's beautiful!
Shala R
91 month ago
Amaku is so great! I have natural hair and she totally understands how to make a cut on my dry, straight hair translate well for when I wear it curly. Been seeing here for years now!
Jay S
91 month ago
Mireya is the best, cutting my hair for like 7 yrs now..I can barely LIVE in a place for more than a yr so thats saying smthing tht btwn the M. East, Europe, Latin America & Africa & still cutting it!