Devon House

Monument / Landmark
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Helen H
42 month ago
Great ice cream and food in Kingston
Jessica S
50 month ago
Good but crowded
Sadieki P
53 month ago
Ice cream ice cream, the best here get urself a waffle cone !!!
Channae R
57 month ago
They have a little of everything. A lot of new shops and restaurant opened up. From spas, to bars and several differ t restaurants to choose from. Try chocolate dreams for a treat.
Billie J
68 month ago
You must must must try the Curry Goat Patty. Amazing!
Isabella D
80 month ago
The Travel Channel recommends the Patties, stuffed with either chicken, shrimp, fish, or beef.
Jetset Extra
85 month ago
In its prime during the late 19th century, this mansion was built in a design that would accompany Jamaica’s tropical climate while reflecting the opulence of the fellow properties in this area.
Ruth S
88 month ago
Devon House " one drop " ice cream is a must have. Stroll over to the bar and have a Devon Duppy. Careful when you stand up!!
Floydie F
89 month ago
Great place for group picnics or chill time with friends or family while enjoying delicious ice cream
Julia M
89 month ago
Want to some ice cream,or meditate,go on a date, or some school trip or family fun, check out Devon House.