Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System (中環至半山自動扶手電梯系統)

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Paula F
27 month ago
O diretor de fotografia de “In the mood for love” diz que este é o melhor lugar pra observar pessoas em Hong Kong. Gostamos da experiência.
Magdalena M
46 month ago
It's a bit shabbier than I expected and also it requires equal amount of walking as the time spent on the elevator, but it's a signature organized chaos as the rest of HK city
Simple Discoveries
58 month ago
It's fun to explore the city from a different vantage point. Note that the escalator system is only one-way so you'll have to walk the opposite direction if you're going back to where you started.
William K
69 month ago
It goes from Central to Conduit Rd, Mid-level, via the Soho area. Downhill only in the morning before 10am and uphill only for the rest of the day. It DOES NOT go both way.
73 month ago
It takes 20 minutes to complete the journey on this 800-meter-long escalator, but it goes in only one direction -- down in the morning and up in the evening.
Eva S
85 month ago
The world's longest outdoor escalator, covering 800m in distance and 135m in height. Prominently featured in Wong Kar-Wei's Chungking Express
Angie H
94 month ago
it's not one long escalator! instead it is made up of 20+ escalator and moving sidewalks :) sightsee at the top top and then you can walk or take the mini bus back down!
102 month ago
Save $2 by tapping your octopus card on the MTR Interchange Saver Kiosk like this lady does
Paul M
111 month ago
Longest escalator in the world you either go up or down but not both at the same time of the day ... Check it out it's a Smooth Operator! ( check the Hk band called OPERATOR VERY COOL )
123 month ago
For first-time riders: yes, take it all the way up, but beware that it goes downward in the morning rush hour. When it goes up later in the day, the way to get back down is steps underneath
  • Des Voeux Rd C to Conduit Rd, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, GPS: 22.282743,114.15428
  • Mon–Sun 6:00 AM–Midnight